1 last spin…

June 12, 2014  |  Training Rides

With just 1 more day at the office, preceded by our final spinning session tonight, it’s all about the final preparations now.

Andy, on his last training ride yesterday, suffered from a cycling catastrophe which led to this email…

“Just had a disaster with bike, rear mechanism, the hanger, the chain and spokes have broke!! Nightmare, was on last big training run!!”

…and his coming home with a new bike – better now than next week is all I can say to that! #toocloseforcomfort!


In other news, out kit is finally dispatched and should be delivered tomorrow morning. To the wire but after many moments doubting it would turn up at all, after some serious communication issues over delivery dates, the arrival of our tops will be a testament to Ian’s sterling negotiation skills. Fingers crossed till he has them in his hands.

The reward system to manage the boys’ behaviour is taking shape too. A “good boy” badge will be awarded at the end of every day. I’m thinking some sort of haribo type prize for the person who earns it the most during the trip. I do also reserve the right to not-award the badge – Christine, we will be conferring on this issue! Awards will also be made for falling off, “oops” and for general stupidity, “loser”.


All that’s left to do now is pack, kit and bikes, make it to the airport on Saturday morning, and persuade easy jet to let our plastic wrapped transportation on to the plane. Oh yes, and to do a sun dance because the weather may be hotting up in the U.K. but, come Saturday, and more importantly on our first day of riding on Sunday, Italy paints quite a different picture!


By Becci Johnson

Chief blogger and haribo coordinator.


  1. Good luck to everyone, you have my permission to shout at ian if he misbehave

  2. All the best to you all have a safe journey and look after Big A ( Frenchi ). Ted