4 ice creams

June 25, 2014  |  The real thing

Day 11 – Sala Consilina to Cetaro

An 80 mile day today and we were all running on empty after yesterday’s adventure. Roberto and his family made us an amazing breakfast, including a cake baked specially that morning. We were overwhelmed by the service given that we were unexpected.

The biggest hills were in the morning and we reached our highest height of 3000 feet. This lead to lots of long, gentle downhills. Then we came to a turning that was flagged on the garmin. One way was 12 miles up on the main road. The other, was more interesting. 2 miles in to the unknown, which started with Tarmac. That didn’t last long and we were off roading again. Then came some really steep hills which saw all of us pushing our bikes at some point. I’m sure it did save time and the road was pretty but in the muggy heat it was not fun, and you couldn’t call it cycling.

Tired as we tried to find somewhere to eat lunch we travelled alongside a turquoise sea and had to stop at a petrol station bar to put some fuel in to keep us going. Even when we found a town the restaurants were all closed at 4:40 pm so we had paninis in another bar. Not quite enough to perk us up for the afternoon.

Andy earned the good boy badge today for getting us through the 35 miles we still had to go after ‘lunch’ in record time, meaning we arrived at our hotel by 7:30 pm.

We are now enjoying a pizza and pasta free meal of pork schnitzel and salad (chips for boys), and for Ian and I at least, our 4th ice cream of the day. Callippo in the bar at the end of a big climb, magnum at the petrol station, gelato at lunch, and local gelato for pudding.

Last day on the bike tomorrow. My legs cannot wait.



By Becci Johnson

Chief blogger and haribo coordinator.


  1. Well it has been an adventure! Hope the last day on the bike is uneventful! X x

  2. You certainly deserved the four ice creams today. Hope your last cycling day proves to be easier and less eventful.

  3. Well done everyone Old man of the party has nearly made it well done Andy. Whats your tally of badge’s ? only 66miles to go and 1450 ft high.

  4. Looks like you’ve had a great trip. Most impressed with your stamina, Mr Riley.