Crossing the river

June 22, 2014  |  The real thing

Day 8 – Ceprano – Caserta

The route was unknown until we hit the road today because Mark had to do some interesting plotting to cope with the ridiculous garmin technology that did not want to find the roads. When we got an accurate plot we have actually ridden 65.

We started out with the now to be expected off roading. What we did not expect was the river blocking our path. Mark says he checked all the route on google earth but I think he sneezed at that point. Anyway, it was a test in teamwork. Ian found a way to cross and with shoes off we carried the bikes and kit separately and made it across without incident.



It did chew up some time though so we had only hit 25 miles at lunchtime.

We had lunch in a restaurant that looked us up and down and were very happy that we asked to sit outside. 5 smelly, Lycra clad people were clearly not their usually clientele. As is always the issue in a nice restaurant, there is no sense of urgency about eating so it was almost 2 hours before we were able to crack on.

The road after lunch was hot and bumpy but we managed to make really good time and complete the last 40 miles in 3 hours.

Our hotel tonight is a friendly b&b, who provided us with water and sweets as soon as we arrived, have just done our washing, and given us a bowl of delicious plums they picked from the tree this morning.

Here there is a washing line to hang out the clothes so we have avoided lowering the tone by hanging it out of the windows, which is what happened last night.



By Becci Johnson

Chief blogger and haribo coordinator.

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  1. Well done to Mark today!!!!!!! He did not get the good boy badge then. It sounds as if Ian was the hero in risking his life to negotiate the river first.Well done for completing another day.