Last day on the bike

June 26, 2014  |  The real thing

Day 12 – Cetaro to Pizzo

We have arrived. Our last proper day of cycling is over and our b&b tonight is over a gelato shop – heaven. According to the research we did before we came, Pizzo is the home of Italian ice cream, so we were expecting an array of flavours and we have not been disappointed.

The ride was pretty uneventful as rides for us go. We avoided the big hill, which was a town that the main road took us around, and enjoyed a reasonably flat road for the last 66 miles along the coast.

We only had a brief lunch stop with the intention of having 1 course and getting back on the road but the restaurant provided us a 3 course meal, for the price of 1.

The last miles passed at a reasonable 17mph average and then, that was it. At the moment it feels something of an anticlimax but I guess that’s because we have not quite finished.

Tomorrow is all about the train to take us the last leg to Sicily, but for tonight we are chilling: we’ve enjoyed a swim in the sea, Ian and Mark helped a lady push her car out of the beach, Christine broke a plastic chair in the seaside cafe, and now we eat.

By Becci Johnson

Chief blogger and haribo coordinator.


  1. Derek and Clare Phillips

    Well done all of you in getting to Pizzo; perhaps you are too knackered to appreciate what you have done – a pretty impressive achievement – congratulations. Can we just say that all the prep that has gone into this adventure has really paid off – it must have taken lots of time and effort.
    The blog has been super and given the armchair followers a graphic and entertaining take on your trip. We shall really miss it and hope that there may be some more blogs before you return home; how have you done it, Becci,
    after all your exertions- have you used some technology?
    Be safe and enjoy some well-earned downtime, relaxation and sightseeing in Sicily.
    Love C&D

  2. Well done for getting there. I take it Ian & Mark shared the good boy badge today and Christine the Ouch badge.

  3. A superb achievement . Well done to you all, thanks to Becci for an excellent and entertaining blog. Enjoy the rest and a comfortable seat on the train instead of the saddle.

  4. Have a lovely relaxing end to your hols. It’s been so much fun reading the blog!

  5. Well done you all, you have all done fantastic. Great respite care for me with project house on the go but will be glad to have the big kid home. Have a fab time in Sicily this weekend xxxxx

  6. Well done to all of you, its been great following your treks every day. Enjoy the rest of your tour and have a safe journey home.

  7. Kudos to you all!!! Fanastic achievement….I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Suzy is on the ready with the massage oils Ian. See you soon xxx

  8. Well done! Sounds like a great trip. Enjoy your time out in Sicily with a few well deserved beers and prosecco’s. See you soon xx

  9. Well done all of you, what an achievement! Started planning Andy’s Lands End to John O’Groats next year. xxxx

  10. Helen (buzz champ) Mansell

    Wow well done guys, been fun reading your account and see your fab pictures! Enjoy your down time now, you deserve it. See you soon xxx

  11. well done get ready for work spoil sport

    Vicky as kept up with you