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Day one – Venice
A gentle ride from the airport to the hotel. Only a short day to allow us to assemble the bikes and handle any flight delays.

Day 1 elevation

10.5 miles (17km) – max elevation 20ft


Day two – Bologna
We start properly with one of the longest rides of the trip. Heading out from Venice to the foot of the hills in Bologna.

D2 Elevation

87 miles (140km) – max elevation 180ft


Day three – Pistoia
A day of steading climbing up to the top of the mountain range followed by a very rapid descent. I think some speed records might be made on the way into Pistoia.

D3 Elevation

62 miles (100km) – max elevation 2500ft


Day four – Sienna

D3 Elevation

72 miles (116km) – max elevation 1250ft


Day five – Grosseto


73miles (118km) – max elevation 2050ft


Day six – Tarquinia


54 miles (87km) – max elevation 500ft


Day seven – Rome


57miles (91km) – max elevation 440ft


Day eight – Ceprano


63miles (101km) – max elevation 1250ft


Day nine – Castera


62 miles (99km) – max elevation 750ft


Day ten – Salerno


55 miles (89km) – max elevation 740ft


Day eleven – Sala Consilla


53 miles (85km) – max 2000ft


Day twelve – Cetero


77miles (123km) – max elevation 2600ft


Day thirteen – Pizzo
Our last full day’s ride of the trip. There will definitely be a few drinks to celebrate when we get there.


66 miles (106km) – max elevation 1450ft


Day fourteen
A really short ride to the train station. It feels like cheating but in the end the trip needed to be fun too so we our getting the train to Sicily from here.


5 miles – ride to the train station