The route that kept getting longer

June 15, 2014  |  The real thing

Day 1 – Venice to Bologna.

Today was supposed to be 85 miles when we set off. Mark’s memory was clearly failing him and within a few miles the day had extended to 90. When we checked the garmin the actual distance was 95 miles and after a slight detour because of an ‘oversized pothole’


we finished with 96 miles on the clock. Luckily we have experienced perfect riding conditions, warm, dry and the wind in our favour, as well as a flat road all the way. We have saved the hills for tomorrow!

Eating in Italy is turning out ok. Being wary after our French experience with all places closed on Sundays we stocked up on supplies this morning but they have not been required – lucky really, as the sandwiches we bought looked somewhat circumspect.

Lunch, when we wanted it, in a restaurant / butcher so the boys had meat! Limoncello as a digestif. Gelato in a park cafe (which sold prosecco) was our mid afternoon refuel to get us to our hotel. We could get used to this.


No incidents with the Tarmac today but a near miss for me when I got distracted by another group of cyclists and wound up in the scrub at the side of the road. I have also been nominated for loser badge today after dropping half a bag of haribo early doors. Sadly I had to leave them. Luc you may recall that is not usually something I would do but the 3 second rule doesn’t apply when the sweets have picked up the dirt.

I have been informed I need to finish with an update on the boys’ behaviour. After a promising day yesterday, Andy has deteriorated and has actually been the worst today. Surprisingly I am nominating Ian for the good boy badge and Christine agrees, mainly cos he gave her a push up hill!

Tomorrow is 62 miles, allegedly, uphill all day, and the weather forecast is heavy rain showers – oh poo!

By Becci Johnson

Chief blogger and haribo coordinator.


  1. tracey warrington

    keep going Andy.we all behind u in warrington.gud luck 4 2moz tracey x

  2. Sounds like an exhausting day, well done for completing 96 miles, good luck for tomorrow up those hills but remember at some time you must come down!!! So that’s something to look forward to.

  3. Well done all of you, keep it up Andy get the Girls to ride ahead of you and you will make the Hills with no problems!!!!

  4. Well done! Sounds like a great time so far. All is well here. The kitties say hello!

  5. To be honest, we could see a way around the digger, even from the picture! I think it was just an excuse for more Gelato and prosecco.

    • I like your thinking but there really was a blummin big whole where the bridge should have been!

  6. Good job guys! Well done Chrige! Xxx