Training ride shenanigans

March 23, 2014  |  Training Rides

3 training rides in and being back on the bike has been somewhat eventful. For starters, getting used to cycling with a side wind most of the way is taking some effort, alongside managing fingers and toes that are cold to the point of numb (any suggestions from fellow cyclists on how to keep your feet warm in this weather would be much appreciated), and, today, negotiating a hail storm on top of a hill, which caused us to take shelter behind a tree until it blew over.
Ian and I rode to buxton a few weeks ago without any real event – uphill all the way and downhill all the way home is a nice reintroduction to the saddle, especially when you throw in a tasty lunch in the pavilion cafe.
Last week we were less fortunate. A 70 mile ride via rookery hall for afternoon tea was the plan. Aside from some stumbling as Ian gets used to clip in pedals and the occasional question over which turn to make, we made it without too much trouble. We arrived just in time to greet a bride and groom having their wedding pictures – how to make one feel under dressed. Rookery hall had very kindly confirmed before we arrived that they were happy for us to turn up in Lycra & obligingly seated us outside of the main dining room so we didn’t offend any of their more suitably dressed guests. We over indulged on finger sandwiches, scones and cake (the perfect mid-ride refuel) and watched the happy wedding couple pose for copious wedding photographs.



Rick Milnes I could almost hear the comments you would have been making.
The journey home was somewhat more eventful and involved us riding in an accidental circle through mobberley. Much swearing at the garmin and gradual nightfall did not do much to help the situation. Eventually it just became too dark to see the road, let alone be seen properly so we decided to aim for the nearest train station. With a 40 minute wait for the train at mobberley we sought refuge in the station pub, warmed up with a cup of tea in front of the fire and made friends with the cat.



Half an hour on the train saw us in Stockport and, following a well lit ride up the A6 we made it home for 9:00 pm. 70 miles ridden even if they didn’t quite get us home.


This week we headed out for a 55 miler, intending to lunch at Sutton Hall near Macclesfield. We made it up some fantastic hills near the Robin Hood Inn at Rainow. All those spinning classes are starting to pay off, although Italy will no doubt be worse. After enjoying a long descent towards Macclesfield I had a problem. Snapped chain, and that hairy moment where I could see myself falling off with my feet still clipped to my peddles. Somehow I freed my feet, and, I don’t know if it was luck or judgement, managed to stay upright and avoid my chain getting stuck in my wheel. At this point however we were both freezing and even contemplating fixing the chain was too much. We decided to head back up the hill to the pub, neither of us quite sure how far we had to go, having so happily whizzed past on the descent. Fortunately it wasn’t far so we ordered lunch and called for assistance. Why pubs in the hills don’t have wifi I don’t know. Poor signal meant the only way of communication was by text message but location passed on, Ian and I ate a mediocre Sunday lunch while mark drove to the rescue. Although he came equipped with replacement chain, I was so cold I bailed on the ride home, preferring a 4 wheeled chariot with heating, and leaving Ian to ride by himself. I did feel proud of myself when we drove down the big hill Ian and I had climbed, particularly factoring in wind and hailstones. Maybe Italy will be ok???Ian’s solo ride also sounded eventful. Stories of harassment from boy racers and…

20140323-191844.jpg…but, as always he was “aaaall right”.
So, more of the same next weekend. Who’s joining us?

By Becci Johnson

Chief blogger and haribo coordinator.