Water water everywhere…

June 16, 2014  |  The real thing

Day 2 – Bologna to Pistoia

The word to describe today is without a doubt, wet. Rain showers? More like being in the shower. The low point had to be the lorry that drove through a puddle next to mark and I and showered us with water that came over our heads. If we were wet before, the word is drenched. Shortly after that we has to stop to warm up. It’s amazing how welcome a hand drier is when you are literally soaked to the skin. After a cup of tea we carried on then Christine’s chain came off which lead us to seek shelter in a bus stop while we waited for mark to fix it.


We found a lovely cafe for lunch. The host must have taken pity on us because as we were packing the bikes up to go he presented us with a bag of chocolates. People are amazing.


The afternoon was a little less wet and as we made it through the hills, about 15 miles from the hotel, the sun came out. A few more miles of up and then we reached a 5 mile stretch of downhill towards Pistoia. The views were breathtaking and reaching speeds of up to 40mph (Ian) made for a fast and pleasant last few miles. With a last push up a short sharp hill we made it to the absolutely most amazing hotel ever.

We arrived to be greeted by the owner who showed us our large apartment and then preceded to show us the pool, the bike store, the washing machine and tumble drier (much appreciated because everything we have is damp), the BBQ and outdoor TV to watch the football, and produce 2 bottles of wine. Did I mention the tennis court?


So we sent mark and Andy to get supplies while the rest of us enjoyed a swim and a glass of wine. Ian is getting the BBQ going and we are just going to relax and enjoy our surroundings; because this is what it is all about.

By Becci Johnson

Chief blogger and haribo coordinator.


  1. Well what a day, I am sure you said some nice things about the lorry driver that tried to drown you ! The weather looks better for tomorrow. Enjoy.

  2. Well done all of you 2500ft some hills they were, glad you are well and ok,keep it going and look after Frenchi !